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Our Mission

The E. A.R.N. the Right, Inc. Program began in 2010 for the purpose of equipping teenagers, and young adults with life skill sets with an emphasis on helping at risk youth. The Mission of E.A.R.N. the Right, is to equip and empower at risk teens and young adults with the skills necessary to engage employers, and other decision makers in their lives, in ways that demonstrate the young person’s competence and understanding of meaningful relationship building, authenticity and commitment. We want young adults to realize that no matter what your yesterday looked like, you can begin making good changes today, that will transform your tomorrow.
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Our Impact

What we do in this world matters. We wanted to do more than just exist. When Coach Joe saw the need for the E.A.R.N. The Right organization he sprung in to action to create something effective and impactful for the students and their families and for the state of South Carolina at large.



Volunteer hours with SC DJJ + SC school districts

E.A.R.N.the Right, Inc. has completed over 400+ hours of community service providing the E.A.R.N. the Right workshop to South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice job readiness training and the following South Carolina School Districts: Saluda County, Lexington 2, and Lexington 4.




Coach Joe has been training young adults in the E.A.R.N the Right program since 2009.




E.A.R.N. The Right has reached over 1000+ students, through DJJ, several public schools and other organizations looking to help young adults become effective leaders in the work force and in life.


Our Workshops

By teaching our teens and young adults the strategies of “E.A.R.N. The Right”, we provide them with the opportunity you have a competitive edge and to be better equipped as they enter the workforce. Students with strong interpersonal communication skills will make bigger contributions to their employers and customers, advance into more challenging roles, and find real-world success as they make better decisions. Additionally, the skills learned in this workshop meet the expectations of the “Profile of the South Carolina Graduate”

E.A.R.N. the Right believes that if a person can begin to cultivate Empathy, Attitude, Respect and Knowledge as a part of their daily lives, they have the basic tools to strive in a professional setting as well as their relationship with others.


Having empathy for others allows us to put ourselves in the place of other people to get a better understanding of how they feel, so that we can begin to not just focus on ourselves, but relate to them better. We work with our students to help them cultivate empathy for others so that they can relate better with the people they meet both personally and professionally.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T everyone wants it, but not everyone gives it. We want our students to understand that respect is earned. We work with our students to help them earn the respect of those they work with, care for and engage with on a daily basis.


Attitude is everything. There is the saying “Your attitude determines your altitude. People with a great out look on life tend to have a higher rate of success in the shortest amount of time. We work with the students to help them navigate through life circumstances and life by giving them exercises to help start the day with a good attitude and pivot in difficult circumstances.


We believe that knowledge is a key tool for navigating through life. You can only get knowledge by continually studying and learning, reading, listening and doing. We encourage our students to never stop learning, to actively listen and look for golden nuggets for success.


No matter what situation you are in, it is important to keep your head up, be confident and clear in your tone and messages, and know how to shake a hand respectfully. A lot of these kids have never been taught these things. 

Coach Joe Sicilio  




Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with this thriving organization we would love to speak to you to see which aspects of E.A.R.N. the Right appeal to you. We love working with the community to continue to spread the news and message of the E.A.R.N. The Right organization. There are so many great talents in our community and we could use a few good men and women to assist us in training and providing resources to as many young leaders in our community as we can.


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Would you like to host a workshop, at your church, school, or other organization. We would love to bring this training to your young people! Please fill out the form below to sign up to host a E.A.R.N. The Right workshop.

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for men and women, leaders in the community who would like to give back by helping young adults in the city of Columbia become the best they can be.

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Your generous donations keep the E.A.R.N the Right organization running, but it allows us to train more young leaders through our resource guides and workshops.