Our Impact

Our vision for E.A.R.N. the Right is to rapidly transform at risk teen and youth learning around relationship building, authenticity and commitment and enable more youth to enter the marketplace with skills that make them more attractive hires to employers and more self-confident individuals.

E.A.R.N. The Right has been operating on a very small budget, with very little resources for a nearly a decade. Our impact has been great considering those limited resources. We reached over 1,000 young people. In the next year we hope to reach many more young adults and add many more opportunities for groups, organizations and individuals to have a chance to have the life changing experience of the E.A.R.N. the right program.

We look to raise enough funding to meet the demand of E.A.R.N. the Right to operate on a full time basis. Once we have the funding to operate full time, we believe our first year full time impact will be able to reach well over 5oo0 young adults in South Carolina. It is a goal we look forward to reaching and then surpassing in 2019.